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Message from Deborah Fiona Nonis
Assunta Alumni President

Dear Assuntarians,

First of all, a big "Thank you!" to all who supported us by either taking the time to attend the AGM or put their vote in via e-mail. We will do our very best to live up to your trust in us to keep the alumni running and maintaining the connection with the present generation, thus passing on the baton of keeping the Assunta Spirit Alive!

As usual, the committee has hit the ground running, with our first project being the trip down to Singapore with Sr Enda - unfortunately, Nesam couldn't make it as she was unwell. That was a great success with the "Assuntarians in Singapore" FB group growing from 50+ to 80+ in the weeks leading up to the tea gathering there. In total, 46 Singapore based Assuntarians turned up for the tea with the oldest being from the class of '64 and the youngest from the class of 2005!!! There would have been more but some were away or busy.

We sold a total of 30 books - some already had their copies and were thrilled for the opportunity to get them signed by Sister Enda. What was really heartwarming to see was how well the different years got along and the calls of "keep in touch ya?" and such at the end, and not just between the girls of the same years but also between those of rather big gaps, made the effort so worthwhile!

I bumped into Mrs Toh (past Geography teacher who arrived in Assunta in 1983 and retired just a few years ago), a week after the trip and she told me that her daughter was so thrilled to have been at the tea and that she said the older generation of Assuntarians was so different from the younger (post Sr Enda I suppose) generation of Assuntarians.

This trip has reinforced my resolve that the main focus of the alumni should be to keep the girls connected - the past girls with each other and also with the present girls so as to ensure that that legacy that Sr Enda gave us, of being one big family regardless of race or religion or age, continues long after Sr Enda or any of us are gone. One way of ensuring that is by maintaining good relations with the school admin and continuing to engage with and support the various traditional clubs like SEWO (Sr Enda Welfare Organisation - previously known as AWO), Editorial Club, Band, and maybe even the Librarians Society and photography club to explore a more structured archiving of the Assunta History. And of course we cannot forget that Assunta was founded by the FMM nuns and some of our catholic girls do go back and mentor the YCS club.

To that end we will continue with our Annual breakfast with teachers and picnic in school and we hope to start running some of the activities that Eileen had wanted to do (like bowling and various career talks from old girls and educational excursions) during the last term but the biography project (launch and sale and subsequent second print) took up a lot more of our time than expected. We will continue to represent the old girls at the various school functions and concerts and not forgetting sports day and we hope to see more old girls attending.

In closing, I'd like to thank Eileen for her leadership for the past 2 years and I look forward to what the next two years bring! Just in case any of you missed it before, here is the new committee and their Alumni credentials (please correct me if I'm wrong):

President  - Deborah Fiona Nonis
(co-opted committee member since 2001, VP 2013-2015)

Vice President - Peggy Liu
(first elected President 2001-2007, VP 2007-2009, Comm Member 2009-2011, VP 2011-2013)

Treasurer  - Marianne Rozario
(co-opted Asst Treasurer to help with Bio Project 2011-2013, Treasurer 2013-2015)

Secretary - Razlin Dawina
(co-opted member, IT advisor since 2004, head of AAMS project)

Committee Members
Angeline Koit (co-opted and full committee member off and on since 2001, Sec 2009-2015)

Audrey Peris (co-opted since 2007, committee member since 2013)

Maghrib Chwee Abdullah (co-opted and full comm member off and on since 2001, VP 2005-2007)

Noremilia Izma Mohd Zaidun (co-opted comm member since 2011)

Shobana Sivalingam (co-opted comm member since 2003, committee member since 2009-2015)

Teresa  Chan Kok Chow (President 2007-2011, Treasurer 2011-2013, comm member 2013-2015)

As you can see, many have been on the committee for a long time and most started out as co-opted members and how we got co-opted was by responding to calls for help from the committee. So if you feel you have a talent to offer, even if it's just manual labour, please respond to our calls for help. We need the younger ones especially to step up to ensure that the alumni doesn't fail to feel relevant to the younger old girls.

Let's continue to keep the ASSUNTA SPIRIT ALIVE!

Debbie Nonis
Class of '82


p.s. Keep yourself updated on the latest happenings through:

i. Assunta Yahoogroups
ii. Assunta Alumni's Facebook Page


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